Orhcard Plaza Lot 2 is a 5,600 s.f. commercial building on a 1.07 acre lot. Orchard Plaza 2 resides within Orchard Commons and has 222 linear feet of exposure along Orchard Road. The builiding consists of 4 retail units for lease, all units offer a flexible, open floor plan, with unit 1 having drive-thru capabilities.

Orchard Commons is a 12.5 acre Richmar Realty development located at the northwest corner of Orchard Road and Oak Street, approximately one mile north of the I-88 Orchard Road exchange in North Aurora, Illinois. Approximately 50 miles west of Chicago. This property has approximately 1,100 Lin. Ft. of frontage exposure along Orchard and Deerpath as well as approximately 500 Lin. Ft. along Oak and Tanner extended.

Orchard Commons lies amongst Woodmann's Food Store, Target, Kohls, JC Penny, and several residential developments. Orchard Commons is in extreme proximity to Randall Road and the East-West Toll Way. Prime location, makes this site ideal for a variey of commercial uses.

Within the Orchard Commons development there will be inline retail space available from 1,100 sq. ft. to 5,770 sq. ft. End cap units with drive up capabilities are still available.

Rapid residential growth continues throughout the immediate area. To name a few, Wiseman Hughes, Neumann Homes, and Gladstone Builders are developing and project to bring 2,000 new homes into the Village of North Aurora.

Outlined on our site plan are lot sizes, proposed uses, and statistical information contained within this development. We will be fully zoned and annexed into the Village of North Aurora. Our sites will be fully improved, “pad ready” and immediately available for construction, complete with off site water retention. Division of this property is extremely flexible but cannot fall below our one-acre minimum.

We welcome you to visit our site and look forward to meeting with you. We are very excited about this area, and have great interest in reaching our clients needs.

Located within ORCHARD COMMONS, on the Northwest Corner of Oak Street & Orchard Road in the Village of North Aurora, Illinois
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Orchard Plaza Lot  2
Units 1 - 4 For Lease
Orchard Plaza Retail Shops "A"
5,404 s.f.
Parking Allotment
38 Cars
Orchard Plaza Lot  2  Building Elevation
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Unit 3 Floor Plan
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